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3 Ways Seniors Can Conquer a Fear of Falling

Fear of falling is a very real thing for many seniors. Many seniors may avoid walking just to keep from having a bad fall and risking bone fractures. But staying at home and never getting up to move around isn’t good ... Read More

5 Online Safety Tips for Seniors

With just about everyone connected online these days, it’s no surprise that hackers, scammers, and more are even more prevalent than ever. So how do you keep yourself safe while browsing on your computer, your tablet, ... Read More

5 Ways Seniors Can Stay Safe While Enjoying the Summer Sun

We spend a lot of time outdoors during the summertime. While sunshine and fresh air are good for a person at any age, it’s important that seniors know how to stay safe while getting the benefits of the wonderful summer ... Read More

5 Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors

No one wants to become the victim of a crime. No matter what your age is, there are steps that you can take to help protect your home and yourself. If you remember to use common sense and never ignoring your instincts, ... Read More

5 Tips for Making Medication Management Easier for Mom

One in three adults in the United States takes more than five medications daily. With this many prescriptions in our country, errors in taking medications will occur, and errors can be dangerous, even deadly. Here are ... Read More

Should Your Senior Loved One Be Driving? Ask This New App

One of the most difficult decisions we have to make as caregivers is knowing when it’s the right time to Read More

Take "A Walk Through Dementia" with Google's New Project

For those of us who do not have Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is difficult to really know the daily struggle that our loved ones who do have dementia go through. To help people better understand, Google has partnered with ... Read More

Help Your Senior Mom Avoid Medication Mix-Ups at Home

The average American senior has more than one doctor that they see, because they have several different conditions that need to be treated. Each doctor prescribes a different medication for each individual malady. It’s ... Read More

5 Ways Seniors Can Help Themselves Prevent Falls

Falls are the number one cause of injuries in seniors every year. It’s not always possible to avoid falls, but many falls are easily preventable if you make some changes in your life and focus on preventing falling. ... Read More