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Signs Your Senior Mom May Need Help at Home

It’s not always easy for someone to admit that they may need a little extra help, and seniors are no different. For many seniors who want to continue to live independently in their own homes, some extra help with ... Read More

5 Fabulous Places to Visit During Your Retirement

You don’t have to slow down now that you’re retired. If you are still able to travel, now may be the best time to get out and see some new places that you’ve always wanted to visit. Here are 5 great places you should ... Read More

Ways You Can Save on the Cost of Assisted Living

So you’ve decided to move Mom into assisted living, and now you’re wondering what your best options are for covering the cost of her new place of residence. Here are some helpful tips on how you can save on the cost of ... Read More

Find the Right Assisted Living Community for Mom

Assisted living is senior care that is geared toward people who are still independent but need some help with activities of daily living. These tasks vary from resident to resident and include, but are not limited to, ... Read More

Assisted Living vs. Memory Care: What Are the Differences?

Two of the most popular types of senior care today are assisted living and memory care. When our loved ones can’t live on their own anymore, often times we must choose between the available care there is. But what is ... Read More

8 Crowdfunding Sites You Can Use to Help Pay for Senior Living

Finding a way to cover the cost of assisted living can sometimes be one of the biggest hurdles that seniors have to overcome. One way that seniors nowadays can put some extra money toward paying for assisted living is ... Read More

What Is Assisted Living and How Can It Benefit Your Loved One?

Assisted living is senior care that offers assistance to people who are still independent by may need help with daily tasks, like cooking, cleaning, getting around, medication management, and other health care needs. In an assisted living community, ... Read More

5 Common Fears About Assisted Living

You’ve had “the talk” with Mom about assisted living, and you both agree that it’s time for her to make the move. Though she ... Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips: Help Your Senior Mom Organize Her Clutter

It’s not quite so cold outside anymore, and the sun has come out from behind the winter clouds—it’s spring! And it’s a great time to help Mom sort through her clutter and help her decide what stays and what can go. Once you have helped her, you can Read More

20 Questions: Your Checklist for Finding an Assisted Living Community for Mom

If you are just starting the process of finding an assisted living community for Mom, chances are you have a lot of questions and so does she. If you’re not familiar with senior care, the research process can be overwhelming and confusing. Take it one ... Read More