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Enjoy the Freedom of an Assisted Living Community

Posted by Glenda Beavers on Jan 30, 2017 9:00:00 AM


What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is senior care that offers assistance to seniors who are independent but may need extra help with daily tasks, like cooking, cleaning, mobility, medication management, and other health care needs. In an assisted living community, residents live in individual units surrounded by other residents. Families and loved ones can participate in the assisted living community as often as they like. Assisted living communities provides housekeeping, meal services, transportation, and some health care services to residents.

Freedoms and Assisted Living

Staff at an assisted living community are well-trained in senior safety and health care. While residents at an assisted living community do sometimes need help with certain daily tasks, they are still independent and capable of living on their own. Certain on-site medical care is available at an assisted living community, but residents at an assisted living community do not require 24-hour medical monitoring the way residents at a nursing home do.

If residents can safely manage their medications and their doctor agrees, then they have the option to self-administer their medications. Specially trained staff can also assist in the process, if necessary. Read more about how medications are managed in an assisted living community. Because assisted living communities are designed to feel like home, common comforts like cable television, a stove, and a private bathroom are usually offered in the units.

Social Interaction Is Important

One study found that increased social interaction can help to prevent or delay cognitive decline as people age. In an assisted living community, residents share a common space with other residents where they can gather together and socialize. There are community-planned social events, like field trips, dances, and other gatherings, where residents can get to know each other. Other types of social interaction that can be found at an assisted living community are clubs, wellness areas, and outdoor spaces for walking, sitting, or reading.


Download a printable assisted living checklist to help you find the perfect assisted living community for your loved one. Looking for assisted living in Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee? We would love to help you in your search! Visit our locations page to find a community near you.


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Glenda Beavers

Written by: Glenda Beavers

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