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Kendra Newton

Kendra has several years of experience working in admissions. She loves working with families to plan and care for their loved ones. Married to her husband, Joey, for over 20 years, they have two children, Taylor and Kaylee. Kendra enjoys cooking, reading, swimming, and watching old classics.

Recent Posts

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4 Things You Should Never Say to an Elderly Parent

When you were a child, your parents always seemed to know the right thing to say to make everything all better. If you were dealing with a bully at school or you got a bad grade, your parents could help you discover the best way to ... Read More

When Is the Right Time to Get Mom Professional Alzheimer’s Care?

Many adult children experience guilt when they start considering assisted living placement for their parents. They may feel they are giving up on, or even abandoning, Mom or Dad. Full-time care isn't easy to provide in the home. It ... Read More

“Is Alzheimer's the Same as Dementia?” and other Memory Care FAQs

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Transportation Resources for Car-less Seniors in Alabama

Running weekly errands can be a hassle for anyone, but for seniors who cannot drive, it can be very frustrating. Buying groceries or simply getting out of the house to do something fun is no longer an independent activity for ... Read More

Caregiving from Afar: How to Take Care of Mom When You Live Far Apart

You love your parents very much. However, life has taken you away from where they live. Perhaps Mom abandoned blustery northern winters for the warmer climates of the South, or maybe you left your hometown to pursue a better job ... Read More

Everyone's a Critic: Dealing with Backseat Caregivers

When it is your responsibility to care for Mom, you probably already know how high the stakes are. You are responsible for her health, finances, and safety, and you feel the ... Read More

The Greatest Senior Health Risk Has Nothing to Do with Medical Care

Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer—all of these maladies are frequent worries for the adult children responsible for the care of a senior parent. Despite all of the press coverage that illnesses like heart attacks, breast ... Read More