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Signs Your Senior Mom May Need Help at Home

Posted by Kendra Newton on Aug 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM


It’s not always easy for someone to admit that they may need a little extra help, and seniors are no different. For many seniors who want to continue to live independently in their own homes, some extra help with activities of daily living is a necessity. Here are some ways you can tell if your senior mom may need some more help to keep living at home.

Extreme Weight Changes

Extreme fluctuations in weight can be a sign of poor diet. If your senior mom is not able to go out and shop or prepare meals the way she used to, she may not be eating well-balanced meals. Before you look for extra hands to help Mom around the house because of weight changes, first make sure that her weight changes are not due to some other health issues. A visit to the doctor can determine if Mom is experiencing adverse side effects from one of her medications or perhaps suffering from a disease that might be causing the weight changes.

Changes in Personal Hygiene

If Mom is having some trouble getting around, it may be more difficult for her to get in and out of the bathtub to shower. She may also have trouble loading clothes in and out of the washing machine. As a result, her personal hygiene may have declined. If you notice that your senior mom is not bathing or cleaning herself regularly, this could be a sign that she needs some extra help. Talk to her doctor and have her evaluated first though, as poor hygiene can also be a sign of dementia.

Unpaid Bills

Mail piling up around the house and bills going unpaid could be a sign that your senior mom needs some extra help. This is a good area for you to offer up some assistance. You can help her organize her finances and set up auto-payments for all of her important bills, from utilities to credit cards. If she has a significant number of credit cards, consider going with her to talk to a financial advisor about how she can cut down on her credit spending. Organizing and getting her money issues together can make a world of difference.

Neglected Chores Around the House

Once again, if your senior mom is having more trouble getting around due to any number of things, she may not be able to keep her house as clean as she used to. You may notice things like piles of dirty laundry around the house, spoiled food in the fridge, or spills and stains on the carpet and furniture. A great way you can aid Mom with this problem is by helping her declutter her house or even downsize.



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Kendra Newton

Written by: Kendra Newton

Kendra has several years of experience working in admissions. She loves working with families to plan and care for their loved ones. Married to her husband, Joey, for over 20 years, they have two children, Taylor and Kaylee. Kendra enjoys cooking, reading, swimming, and watching old classics.