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5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors

Posted by Abby Neese on Nov 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM


We kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, a day that reminds us that sometimes we should slow down and take the time to remember all of the things for which we are thankful. This year, celebrate Thanksgiving with your senior loved ones and the rest of your family and friends by doing some of these fun and easy activities.

1. Make Fall Wreaths

While you can welcome loved ones to your home by hanging a pretty fall wreath on the door, it might be more fun to have your family over and make wreaths together. A quick trip to the craft store beforehand can help you find everything you need for DIY fall wreaths. Each family member can make their own wreath, or make one large wreath together to adorn the door of the house where you’ll all spend Thanksgiving.

2. Make Turkey Name Cards

These can be made ahead of time if you like. Make cute place cards that look like turkeys for everyone who will be attending Thanksgiving dinner. Use one of the many kits that are available, such as this kit from Kiwi Crate or this one from Paper Source, or come up with your own template and use the crafting supplies that you have to make unique turkeys for everyone.

3. Build a "Thankful Tree"

Work together as a family to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. A thankful tree is a great way for everyone in the family to think about and discuss what they are thankful for while you have fun together. All you need is a large jar, some branches, colorful paper, a hole punch, and string or ribbon if you like. Cut the paper into fun, small shapes, and each family member can take several pieces and write what they are thankful for on one side. Hang the paper pieces on the branches and discuss what you are thankful for when you sit down to eat.

4. Cook Family Recipes Together

After the table decor is set, gather as a family in the kitchen and make your traditional Thanksgiving dishes together. Food is such an important part of most families’ Thanksgiving celebrations, and making recipes that have been passed down through your family is a wonderful way to celebrate family members young and old. While you cook together, listen to your senior loved ones as they share holiday memories from years ago.

5. Write Thank-You Letters

You don’t have to receive a present in order to write someone a thank-you letter. After dinner, gather around a different table with cards and pens and write short thank-you notes to anyone who you are thankful for. Let loved ones know how much they mean to you in just a few short, meaningful sentences. Address the letters and mail them to family members who live far away, or pass them around the room to the people who are present. If you want to get really crafty, you can even make your own Thanksgiving cards beforehand.


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Abby Neese

Written by: Abby Neese

Abby grew up just south of the Tennessee state line in Anderson, Alabama. She joined the Cottage team in 2016 and is an LPN who has been caring for seniors since 2009. Prior to the Cottage, Abby worked in home health. “I enjoy working with seniors and love hearing their stories. Most importantly, it is very rewarding to know we can make a difference in our residents’ lives through the care we provide.” Abby also volunteers at the Lexington Fire Department and is a certified first responder. Abby and her husband, Jebby, have two children.