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5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Your Senior Dad

Posted by Glenda Beavers on Jun 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you want to get your senior dad a special gift that is just the right fit for him, look no further. Here are five great Father’s Day gift ideas for you to consider.

1. For the Sporty Dad

  • Cable sports package - For an extra fee, most cable companies offer premium sports and game packages, or the ability to watch individual games. Call Dad’s cable company and ask them about the sports packages that they offer.
  • Tickets to a baseball game - Find a ballpark near you and get tickets to a ballgame and go together. Spend an afternoon at the park with Dad and the grandkids. Pick up the food and drinks tab for everyone while you’re there. If you’re feeling adventurous and Dad is up for the challenge, consider planning several road trips with the intention of visiting all 30 Major League Baseball parks together.
  • Sports accessories - Has Dad been eyeing a new golf club? Does he need new walking shoes? Buy him a gift card from his favorite sports store, or take the afternoon off and take Dad to the store and let him pick out his new accessories himself. Stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Edwin Watts Golf are great places to find Dad the sports equipment that he’s looking for.

2. For the Dad Who Loves Technology

  • Smartphone - Buy Dad the latest smartphone. Whether he has yet to dive into the smartphone craze or he already has a smartphone preference and he just needs a new phone, take a trip to Dad’s cellular provider. Help him choose a new phone that fits his needs, and make sure you cover all of his expenses for him. Read about the top smartphones of 2016.
  • Apps - Many apps require a small fee in order to download them. If Dad has a smartphone or a tablet, buy him a gift card to the Apple App Store (for Apple iOS), the Google Play Store (for Android), or the Amazon App Store (for Android) so he can purchase the apps that he wants whenever he wants them. Suggest that Dad download these 10 free smartphone apps for seniors.
  • Update his computer - Buy Dad the latest computer model or update all of the software on his current computer or tablet to the latest versions. Buy him some good anti-virus software for his computer and help him clean up his system. Norton is a good choice for anti-virus and spyware removal software.

Explore five new types of technology for seniors.

3. For the Dad Who Enjoys Photos

  • New camera - If Dad loves being the one who takes the family photos, update his camera to the newest and the best version. Consider whether Dad will want a bulkier camera that requires a lot of accessories, like lenses and detachable flash, or if he is more of a point-and-shoot kind of guy who prefers something smaller and less complicated. Whether he’s into Canons or Nikons, you can find a good camera at a great price at places like Amazon, Newegg, or your local photography store.
  • Photo album - Use online sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish to upload your own personal photos and build Dad a photo album that you can print as many copies of as you like. From these photo sites, you can edit photos, choose the theme of your photo album, edit the album, and write photo captions. Don’t forget to write Dad a special Father’s Day message inside the photo album!
  • Framed photo - Use the same photo sites that are listed above and order large versions of Dad’s favorite family photos. You can opt to have the site send the photos already framed in a frame that you can pick out online, or you can frame the photos yourself once they arrive.

4. For the Family Man

  • Subscription to - If Dad loves genealogy, consider getting him a subscription to so he can find ancestors and trace your family tree online in one easy and convenient place. He can search for documents or upload his own, and he can even chat with living relatives with whom the site connects him.
  • Brunch or dinner with the family - Take the whole family out for brunch or dinner at a nice restaurant in town and foot the bill. Bring a cake or order dessert for everyone at the restaurant after your meal. Remember that many nice restaurants fill up quickly on Father’s Day, so make reservations ahead of time if you can.

5. For the Dad Who Has Everything

  • Gift card - If you are having trouble coming up with the right gift for Dad, get him a gift card to a local restaurant that you know he likes, or a gift card to a large retail store, like Target or Walmart, and let Dad find the gift that he wants in a place that has nearly unlimited options.
    Homemade gifts - Have the grandkids sit down and make Dad a special Father’s Day craft. Find some great ideas for a craft here. Use craft paper, glue, markers, crayons, safety scissors, stickers, stamps, and whatever else you can find, and have fun creating.


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