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3 Easy Ways Seniors Can Celebrate Our Earth

Posted by Regina Lawler on Mar 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Earth Hour is a special no-devices hour observed at the end of March each year that was created by the World Wildlife Fund (also known as the World Wide Fund for Nature in some countries). We celebrate Earth Day every year on April 22, and there are ways that you can start celebrating early this year. Here are three ways you can help take care of our earth today and every day.

1. Eliminate Waste

There are several different ways in which you can work toward eliminating a majority of your waste and keep it out of landfills. Start small by separating your garbage into recyclable items and non-recyclable ones. Learn which items can be recycled so you have an easier time sorting your waste. Remember that in addition to the item recycling services provided by your area, you can also recycle your old food waste into compost for your yard. This type of waste is often called “green waste”. Click here for some great DIY compost bin ideas.

2. Plant a Garden

Gardening is an activity that you can do alone or with a group of friends in your neighborhood or assisted living community. Gardening is not only great for the earth, because the plants we grow help to create food and oxygen for other living things, but it’s great for senior as well. It gets your body lots of sunlight, provides low-impact physical activity, and gives you the opportunity to socialize with others who enjoy the activity, too. Caring for something living, whether a plant or an animal, has been shown to boost mood and increase positive behavior. One study found that seniors who took care of their plants regularly reported improved happiness levels over a four-week time period.

3. Limit Device Use

Every year at the end of March, Earth Hour is observed across the globe. During this special hour, people are encouraged to turn off all electronics and unnecessary lights for one hour. While this particular hour only happens once a year, you can practice your own “earth hour” for one hour a day in your own home every day of the year. Just turn off, unplug, and relax outside with a good book, take a short nap, or maybe do some gardening with your friends.


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Regina Lawler

Written by: Regina Lawler

Regina Lawler, Resident Services Director, has worked at Country Cottage since the first day the doors opened. She began as a Homemaker before being quickly promoted to Coordinator and then to Resident Services Director. Regina feels she has found her “place in life” and says “I will be here long after I’m old enough to be one of the residents. I love my residents as if they were my own family.” Regina has her Assisted Living Administrator’s License and Assisted Living Federation Association’s National Lifetime Administrative Certificate. Regina grew up in the Mount Hebron Community and attends North Russellville Baptist Church. She has been married to Perry Lawler for 32 years and has one son. In her spare time, she enjoys walking and cross-stitching.