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5 Tips for Making Medication Management Easier for Mom

One in three adults in the United States takes more than five medications daily. With this many prescriptions in our country, errors in taking medications will occur, and errors can be ... Read More

Ways Caregivers Can Avoid Elderspeak with Seniors

Elderspeak occurs when someone in a senior’s life, whether well-meaning or not, uses language that talks down to an older adult by focusing on their age and ailments instead of what they ... Read More

Help Your Senior Mom Prepare for Surgery

If your senior mom is getting ready to have surgery soon, you can help make sure she has everything in order. Here are a few steps that you can take to help make sure Mom is as prepared ... Read More

7 Tips for Helping Your Senior Mom During Recovery from a Stroke

Recovering from a stroke can have its ups and downs. One minute, your senior mom may seem to be doing great, and the next, suddenly all signs of progress stop. To make sure that Mom’s ... Read More

5 Ways You Can Help Your Senior Mom Avoid Isolation During the Winter Months

During the winter months, the cold weather outside can make it harder for seniors to get out and stay active and social. Staying indoors could lead to feelings of loneliness or ... Read More

Should Your Senior Loved One Be Driving? Ask This New App

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Evaluating Your Senior Parents' Health While You're Home for the Holidays

When adult children come back home for the holidays, it’s a great time for families to reconnect and have fun. It’s also the perfect time to take a closer look at your senior parents’ ... Read More

How to Help Your Senior Mom Through the "Holiday Blues"

While the winter holidays are meant to be a time filled with loved ones and happiness, for some people, this season can cause intense feelings of sadness and even depressive episodes. ... Read More