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Resident Profile: Clara Morris

Posted by Susan Abercrombie on Sep 24, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Clara_Morris.jpgClara Morris and her daughter Charlotte Collins

Ms. Clara Morris is 89 years old and lives at our Country Cottage in Decatur, Alabama. Her hobbies include coloring, sewing, family, and she used to cook often. Her favorite food to cook is crockpot candy, because she loves chocolate. She also loves to make casserole dishes. With her 50+ church group, she was known for her chicken and dumplings.

 Ms. Morris worked as an office administrator for an insurance company. She was married to her first husband for 18 years, was widowed for 15 years, and then was married to her second husband for 33 years. She has one child, a daughter named Charlotte, one grandson, and three step-grandsons. Her favorite memory was when Charlotte was born and watching her grow up. Charlotte was 14 when her daddy passed away. Ms. Morris says she is a great daughter.

Ms. Morris traveled to Hawaii and to Switzerland with her Christian women’s club for conventions. After Switzerland, they went sightseeing in Germany. She says the trips were the most interesting thing that has ever happened to her.

The best piece of advice that Ms. Morris could ever give someone is to be involved in your church, and be good to your fellow man. For couples, she says, “Don’t ever go to bed mad with each other. Hash it out before you go to sleep.”

Ms. Morris has several favorite things that she loves about The Cottages. She says the management has treated her like royalty, and the staff have all been very nice to her. She also loves all of the friendships that she has developed with some of the other residents.


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Susan Abercrombie

Written by: Susan Abercrombie

Susan has 32 years of nursing experience caring for seniors in assisted living and doctors’ offices. She now manages two Cottage communities in Alabama. Susan and her husband of 30 years, Tim, have two dogs, Sydney and Macy.