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Resident Profile: Betty Butler

Posted by Susan Abercrombie on Aug 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Resident_Profile_Betty_Butler.jpgBetty Butler with her daughter, Donna Joe White

Betty Butler is 77 years old and lives at Country Cottage in Decatur, Alabama. She was a homemaker and was married to her husband for 60 years before he passed away about eight years ago. “We loved each other so much,” she says. They have one daughter, two grandsons (ages 40 and 32), and three great-grandsons who are 11, four, and two. Her favorite food is pizza, and she loves to cook everything. Chocolate pie was her go-to recipe. She says her husband and daughter loved it.


Betty loved to ride motorcycles, ski, canoe, fish, and ride horses. One time, while canoeing with her husband in Tennessee, the canoe tipped over. Instead of getting mad, she says they laughed about it together. On a separate trip, while riding motorcycles with friends to Florida, a storm came up on the group. They got soaked and had to rent a motel room until the rain stopped.

She has several fond memories about traveling and other times in her life. She has traveled to Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Mexico, but her favorite memory by far is the day she had her daughter. Betty says they tried for four years before she was born. She says, “When I had my daughter, I just loved her so much and was so happy.”

Betty has been here seven years. She says that her favorite thing about the Cottage is that everyone is so good to her. She has love, friends, and food. “This is home to me,” she says. The best piece of advice she was ever given came from her mom who told her to always use your manners. Betty says that her own best advice is to give to others--go to church, honor your mother and father, support your husband, and love your kids. Be good to them, and teach them right from wrong.


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Susan Abercrombie

Written by: Susan Abercrombie

Susan has 32 years of nursing experience caring for seniors in assisted living and doctors’ offices. She now manages two Cottage communities in Alabama. Susan and her husband of 30 years, Tim, have two dogs, Sydney and Macy.