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Moving Mom into a “Home” May Be Your Best Caregiving Decision

Posted by Kendra Newton on Mar 7, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Moving Mom into a Home May Be Your Best Caregiving Decision

You want the best for your family, but it can sometimes be hard to make those decisions when it comes to finding the best care for mom. If your mother is like many other older adults, she’s been holding on tightly to the things that make her feel more independent. You’ve likely already had the argument about whether it was safe for her to keep driving. Now, you find yourself once again in the same boat about her home.

You’ve begun to notice signs that staying in the house by herself isn’t the safest or best option for her: Mom hasn’t been able to keep up the standard of housekeeping that she used to take pride in previously. Maybe you’ve gotten a frantic call at work after she’s gotten confused trying to use public transportation to get around. There are even signs that she’s becoming forgetful when preparing her meals, paying her bills or taking her medications.

Yet for all the signs that she needs more help than you are able to provide, Mom is reluctant to make a move from her home— not only does she see staying in her own house as a sign of her independence, but it is also a safe haven that is full of memories—and the expense of hiring an in-home service to help while you’re at work adds up fast.

Despite her misgivings, and perhaps your own, it’s likely best for both you and her that you start seeking out a new “home” for mom. An assisted living retirement community might be the best of both worlds.

Retirement Communities: A Viable Option— for Both of You

Making sure that you secure proper care for mom does not have to mean that she loses her independence. In fact, by moving your mother from her home to a retirement community, a whole new world of independence and friendship can open up to her, ready for the taking. A retirement community takes care of providing your mother with food, activities, friendship and housekeeping— all within a friendly and caring atmosphere.

However, you must choose carefully.

Just Like Home, Only Better

There’s no doubt that finding a community which provides the privacy and independence that older adults crave within a homey atmosphere will make the transition easier— particularly if your mom is initially reluctant to make the change. But it is safe to say that not all retirement communities are the same, and making the best choice—the choice that means securing great care for mom— is going to involve careful research.

Here are three key things to keep an eye out for when you’re touring communities:

1. Check Out The Set-Up of Rooms

Does the community offer apartment-style living or do residents share hospital-like rooms? While mom may still be resistant to downsizing to an apartment, having her own space can go a long way in helping her retain that feeling of independence.

2. Look For a Regular Schedule of Community Events

The right retirement home provides plenty of opportunities for recreation and activities— both onsite and off. Not only do these types of activities keep your mom's brain sharp, they help her find new friends which can stave off loneliness. Just make sure that events aren’t mandatory— the ability to set her own schedule is an important part of what helps mom feel more independent.

3. Find Out If Meals Are Provided and Check Out The Dining Facilities

Nutrition is an important aspect of making sure your mom has the best in care. Home-cooked meals that are freshly prepared each day using only the most nutritious and flavorful ingredients will have your mom looking forward to meal times. After all, what better way to make friends than over a delicious and hearty meal?

Sometimes, finding great care for mom can feel overwhelming. With the right retirement community, though, you are not alone. The Cottages have long had a vision of making sure that your mom gets the best in care by giving her plenty of choices to protect her dignity and independence. From the moment you drive up our driveway, you both will feel right at home.



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Kendra Newton

Written by: Kendra Newton

Kendra has several years of experience working in admissions. She loves working with families to plan and care for their loved ones. Married to her husband, Joey, for over 20 years, they have two children, Taylor and Kaylee. Kendra enjoys cooking, reading, swimming, and watching old classics.