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How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Healthcare for Seniors

Posted by Glenda Beavers on Apr 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Some researchers say that artificial intelligence (AI) will ultimately change the way senior care is done, and many say that it is already changing things this very moment. In the past few years, AI has proven to be valuable both in the healthcare and in aging care field. There are now several apps that seniors and their caregivers can use to make activities of daily life easier. Technological devices and robotic helpers have been created specifically to help seniors.

Don’t be fooled by preconceived notions though; AI doesn’t necessarily mean robots of advanced intelligence functioning as caregivers—not yet anyway. AI is really just a general term that refers to coded algorithms that analyze large sets of data. The algorithms are not human, but they are still able to analyze data intelligently, hence, artificial intelligence.

Scientists say that the main use for AI in medicine will probably be to to input data into a computer that will be able to diagnose a disease or recommend a treatment. It will also be used to make smarter houses with helpful gadgets that can help seniors stay independent and in their homes longer.


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Glenda Beavers

Written by: Glenda Beavers

Glenda, a Russellville, Alabama native, moved to Tuscumbia as a teenager, where she still resides. She currently attends University of North Alabama. Glenda has worked in a pharmacy, hospital and has years of experience private sitting for seniors. "Seniors are such precious people to me, and I love being able to be a part of their life on a day to day basis at the Cottage," she says. Married 43 years, Glenda enjoys spending time with her two sons and five grandchildren. She attends Valdosta Baptist Church in Tuscumbia.