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Ballroom Dancing Is a Great Way for Seniors to Boost Their Health and Have Fun

Posted by Michelle Kelley on Jan 14, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Many seniors want to stay physically fit, but they grow tired of using gym equipment, and they start looking for something more fun to keep them active and healthy. Enter ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is a great way to have an enjoyable time and keep your muscles and joints limber and healthy in your senior years.

Many local gyms and dance companies offer classes specifically geared toward seniors who are interested in learning some dance moves. Dancing offers the same benefits as exercise with perhaps what feels like a more fun atmosphere for many folks. Through dancing, seniors can strengthen their spines and avoid falls, or they can get a cardiovascular workout and benefit their hearts.

Posture is also a very important part of ballroom dancing. Through maintaining good posture, seniors can keep themselves safe from falls as well. Good posture requires core strength in your abdominal muscles. Core strength keeps you steady and helps you recover successfully from slight trips or tumbles.

Not only are you working out your body’s muscles while dancing, but you are working out your brain as well when you do a complicated dance. Having to learn the steps to different dance routines can help keep your brain sharp and your mind focused. One study found that dancing was the only physical activity that was associated with a lower risk of dementia.


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Michelle Kelley

Written by: Michelle Kelley

Michelle Haigler Kelley is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. She and her husband Shane live in Pike Road with their daughters. She graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery and began her career in the senior care industry as an Activity Director before obtaining her Alabama Assisted Living Administrator License in 2014. “I have truly found my calling in life to work with our seniors. After all, they are considered the greatest generation,” says Michelle. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and going to the lake.