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5 Ways That Technology Benefits Seniors

Posted by Dawn Owens on Aug 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM


The technological advances of today have changed the face of aging. Seniors can use games, apps, and many different types of devices to help them stay independent, healthy, and happy. Here are just a few ways that technology benefits seniors today.

1. Exercise

Video Games can benefit seniors’ bodies and minds. All video games require the use of motor skills, which helps to keep brains sharp. Through motion-controlled video games that are found on systems like the Wii U, seniors are encouraged to get up and move around while they have fun. Encourage the seniors that you know to play games like Tetris or Mahjong to improve important things like their spatial recognition and memory and matching skills.

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2. Health Tracking

There are several different types of smartphone apps that seniors and their caregivers can use in order to track important things like medical histories, health conditions, medication schedules, and physicians’ contact information. These types of tools make it easier for seniors, their caregivers, and their doctors to have quick access to important information in order to make speedy, informed decisions about treatments.

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3. Medication Management

Many seniors take multiple medications daily. Keeping track of one’s medications can be a difficult task. Using a smartphone app to track a senior’s medications and medication schedules can help prevent dangerous medication errors. These types of apps alert a senior or their caregiver when medications need to be taken and when they should be refilled. These apps can also be used to track when a medication was taken and can send an alert when a medication was skipped.

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4. Safety

Through a device like a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), seniors can call for help from their homes just by pushing a button. PERS devices give seniors and their loved ones peace of mind if a senior is living alone. There are also many different types of GPS tracking devices that can be used to track seniors who are likely to wander due to advanced Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

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5. Social Connection

There are many different types of social media these days that seniors can use to keep in touch with their loved ones. Through email, text message, video chat programs that are available on most smartphones, and sites like Facebook and Instagram, seniors can stay constantly connected to family and friends. Many senior centers and colleges offer classes for seniors to teach them how to use social media. AARP has an online social media training center just for seniors as well.

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Written by: Dawn Owens

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