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5 Reasons Why Seniors Need Vitamin D

Posted by April Davis on Aug 31, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Many seniors don’t get enough vitamin D in their diets and end up suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is important for several reasons. Here are just a few of them.

1. Better Calcium Absorption

In order to absorb calcium, our bodies need vitamin D. Bone growth cannot happen without calcium and vitamin D. Our bodies need sunlight in order to create Vitamin D, so make sure you spend a little time outside on a nice, sunny day.

2. Lower Your Risk of Falls

Seniors are already at a greater risk for falling than younger adults. Each fall has the ability to turn into a life-changing event. With too little Vitamin D in our bodies, our bones become weak, soft, and pliable. When our bones are not their strongest, we can more easily trip or fall.

3. Lower Your Risk of Bone Fractures

Because a vitamin D deficiency puts you at risk of falling, it also puts you at risk for fractures. Fractures to the hips, limbs, and face are some of the more common breaks that can result from falls. Severe vitamin D deficiency can cause bone deformities and fractures without falls being the cause.

4. Lower Your Risk for Some Cancers

One study linked vitamin D deficiency to an increased risk of several different types of cancers, including breast, cardiovascular, colon, and prostate cancer. Too little vitamin D has also been linked to autoimmune disorders, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis.

5. Feel Healthier Overall

To make sure that you get enough vitamin D, eat vitamin D-rich foods like oily fish, eggs, and milk and juices that have been fortified by vitamin D. When your body is at its peak health, you will feel better and happier. Often times, the first symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are not very obvious. Take note of when you are not feeling at the top of your game and talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your vitamin D levels. They can advise you on the best ways that you can keep your body happy and healthy and full of enough vitamin D.



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April Davis

Written by: April Davis

April has over 15 years of experience working with residents in their Cottage home. She has worked in the Cottage in a variety of roles, giving her a unique perspective and a true understanding of what challenges our seniors and their families face. She has two children, Alyssa and Jackson.