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10 Free Smartphone Apps That Are Great for Seniors

Posted by Selena Jackson on Mar 4, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Your loved one may be new to the world of smartphones, or they may have had their smartphone for a while. Either way, they are probably curious to know if there are any apps out there that are specifically geared toward seniors. Well, look no further. Here are 10 great apps for seniorsand they’re all free, too! (Click the section titles to visit the links related to these apps.)

1. Carely (formerly CareMonster)

Available on Android and Apple iOS

This is a caregiving app that helps seniors, their family members, and their caregivers communicate and coordinate. Share condition reports, set up a visitation calendar, and more.

2. Clevermind (for people with dementia)

Available on Apple iOS

Play games and puzzles as a part of cognitive training. This app also has medical information, nutritional tools, and social networking capabilities.

3. Flower Garden

Available on Android and Apple iOS

Grow your own virtual flowers and send them to your friends. This is a relaxing app that can be used for fun or as a memory enhancer and a calming app for people with dementia.

4. LowRx

Available on Apple iOS

Find the lowest prescription drug prices in your area by comparing the prices at pharmacies near you. If you are on an Android device, try using the similar app, GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons.

5. Lumosity

Available on desktop computer, Android, and Apple iOS

Play brain games that are designed to enhance your cognitive abilities. These games are meant to help boost your memory, processing speed, attention, flexibility, and problem solving skills.


6. Magnifying Glass Flashlight

Available on Android

Hold your phone up to whatever you want to read, and this app magnifies and brightens the text so it’s easier for you to read. There is a similar app available for Apple iOS called Magnifying Glass with Light.


7. Medisafe

Available on Android and Apple iOS

This app will notify you when it’s time to take your medications, and it will keep track of when you took them. You can set up the app to send an alert to a family member or a caregiver if you forget to take your medication on time.


8. Red Panic Button

Available on Android and Apple iOS

Tap on the big red button, and this app will automatically send texts and email alerts containing your GPS coordinates to a list of pre-programmed medical emergency contacts.


9. Wunderlist

Available on Android and Apple iOS

Keep track of all of your lists with this app, from groceries to any to-do lists. You can also share all of your lists with other users.


10. Yesterday USA

Available on Apple iOS

Listen to old time radio shows from the 1920s-1950s. This app broadcasts through the internet and satellite radio. To listen to old radio shows on your Android device, try the app Old Time Radio Player.


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Selena Jackson

Written by: Selena Jackson

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